There is another noise,With footsteps,Who will poke his head first,No abnormality found,Then I walked out quickly,He has an extra snake strip bag,It looks like the stuff inside is bulging。

This person exports,Bowed,I don’t know if he carried too much weight on his back,Or is he bowing himself。Zhao Hong winked at Xia Jian,Xia Jian stepped forward。
Who might have heard a slight footstep behind him,He suddenly accelerates,Ran forward so suddenly。Xia Jian didn’t eat dry rice,Not to mention that Zhao Hong gave him a scared order,He won’t catch this thief?“
When someone runs two or three meters away,Xia Jian suddenly went forward,Both hands opened up spontaneously,Like an eagle flying high。Xia Jian’s skill,Look at Zhao Duo。
At this moment,Xia Jian suddenly made moves with both hands,Grab this person’s back with one hand,And don’t pull off the big mask that someone is wearing with one hand.。
The moment the mask was pulled off,Xia Jian was a little stunned。This person is not someone else,It is Wang Lao Wai in the village。Seeing that I was caught,And the occlusion on the face has also been removed。Wang Lao suddenly became honest,He turned around,Whispered to Xia Jian:“President Xia!Poor at home,I really can’t get the money,So you just forgive me this time!“
”Wang Lao Wai,I didn’t expect you to be such a person“Zhao Hong said he walked out of the dark。
Wang Lao saw that Zhao Hong was there,He immediately plopped and sat on the ground,Like being silly。
First0850 Eat roast chicken
Sometimes it’s hard to correct people’s inferiority。
There is really a big problem with Wang Lao’s character,Zhao Hong has given him many opportunities。But this man pretends to be pitiful while thinking about harming others。
Zhao Hong looked at Wang Lao crooked like this,Extremely angry:“Our entire Xiping Village,No one can afford to buy vegetables,You alone, Wang Lao, is a strange flower。We only charge the cost price,You should know how much cheaper this is than the vegetables bought at the market,You still steal?”
“I didn’t eat it myself,I want to give away”Mr. Wang lowered his voice and said。

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