The last time was blocked by a group of reporters.,And no person certificate。

But this time,She is not ready to let Li Hui.。
“Trouble you also take a trip to us.,The injuries of these teenagers should have a relationship with you.?”
Li Hui Hui, I have long, I know that Song Ting’s unselfish people will definitely don’t want to let him.,It is also what he is also prepared.。
Take a record directly。
The content inside the recording makes Song Ting listened to it.,I can’t wait to give these few teenagers directly.。
But she knows that it is impossible.,Because children’s protection law is really strong。
“You gave me these,Nor。”
“Hey-hey,Song police officer,Several injuries have no relationship with me.,I have no shot.。”
“it’s him,Just he stepped on my leg.,Friend arm。
it’s him”Facing accusation,Li Hui Reni is not afraid。
“hehe,What evidence?
Do you have my footprints??
And you have come over from kidnapping,I have evidence,And the host of this matter, Jiangyu, you are also available.?”
“We don’t know Jiang Hao,We only know that our boss makes us dry.。”
This is said,Teenagers stunned,He knows himself.。
“Hey-hey,Song police officer,You look,Do you have a relatively true effort?,I will also review bigger news on them.,More important cases。”
“Humph,Calculate your luck。”
Say,Song Ting took people directly。
She also knows,Although Li Hui is doing?,But I really want to use legal weapons to detain each other.,It’s really not a few more winning.,After all, the other party is completely confident.。
The most important thing is that the five teenagers actually take a controlled tool.。
This makes Song Ting more and sweat with Li with the wind.,Fortunately, I have uniforms a few people.,Otherwise, Li speaks with the wind, it is really dangerous.。
Li Hui Feng did not expect that several teenagers will still bring these things.,However, he is not afraid of him.,After all, the strength is there.。
Looking at Song Ting took people away,Li Hui Feng is in the way, and the Song Ting revealed the problem of Jiang Yan.。
As soon as can I find out that Jiang Yi is troublesome,That is not that Li speaks from the wind.。
“Sister,I said that the danger has not been released.,You don’t believe you,Fortunately, I am in time.,Otherwise you can”“What?
It can be done by the few teenagers.?”
For this matter,Li Hui is not good to say。
Can only have some uncomfortable road:“As long as you know,But I didn’t expect it.,Jiangyu will play such a means of three。”
Xu Ruzhen is also afraid,However, I saw that Li Hui Feng beside himself.,She is afraid of her heart but there is no trace of shadow.。
“breeze,My sister is going to school with you.?”
Chapter 214 Xu Jia Wu Mom
Li Hui is a sudden request for Xu Ruzhen.。
“Sister,I am going to school.,And I am going to school is not that kind of school.,But it will come back soon for a while.。”

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