The words are just floating from the mouth,Qi Yanna has been replaced with moonlight armor,Falling against Xilin“Gongel”。

Xilin’s eyes,I can’t believe that this girl actually dare to take the initiative to do it.。
“You hurt De Lisa,I can’t put you.!”
Qi Yana and Xilin compete,Tight electromagnette converted into a pistol。
Xilin is not in the attack of Yi Qifanna,Be with,The remaining spear behind him is hidden in space,In the unresolved angle, zoom Zi Yana。
Han Jiang opens the equipment floating function,Red sweeping a few spears,Qi Yana also avoided the last two。
Qi Yana fly to Xilin,Gamma particle rays like wings begin with no regular attack。
Xilin can only evade,Han Jiang took out the book of Cang Xuan and transformed into sniper mode,I don’t look at it is a gun.,Interfere。
If Qi Ya is able to defeat Xilin at this time,The plot after the illusion doesn’t have to continue.。
“First and so on,Don’t start,We can talk about!”
See Han Jiang and Qiana simultaneously,Walt is a bit anxious,Rapida shot with gravity banned the movement of the two。
Then in front of the two people,Gravity forming protection barrier,Prevent Ji Lin’s attack attack。
“What do you want to talk to me??”Xilin disdain:“You together,Negative!”
Finish,Xilin’s spears and fairy have been attacked from all directions from all directions.!
Chapter 426 I want to revenge to all mankind
When Xilin shot,Han Jiang and Qiana two people broke away from Walt’s gravity imprisonment。
“She is almost killed by De Lisa.,Hit her,What is the taist?!”
Han Jiang made a sentence,Pick a spear to attack Xilin。
Qi Yana also flew past,The big legs are not hesitant.。
In the face of the new birth,Han Jiang has a living。
As long as Qi Yana is here to kill Jindine,Thenok,No need to continue to play here。
“that is!”Qi Yana added a sentence,“De Lisa still wants this to build new schools,Let their carefree life,She also wants to die Lisa!”
“I haven’t seen her in San Fu Jiasch.,So she must not be a good person!”
Qi Yana’s judgment is very simple.,What second, she doesn’t care。
Anyway, I have never seen it in San Feria School Park.,Then, she did not accept the invitation of De Lisa.,Hitting。
“Don’t do it first!”
Walt is angry,Han Jiang and Qi Yana also have Xilin at the same time to stop the attack in his hand.,It is strictly changing the gravity of the snowflakes that covers the ground.。
“I am also the law.!”Walter touched his chest handle:“I am the first party!”
“I can prove that the law can be human beings.,It can also fight against collapse,Standing on this end of human!”
“Oh?”Xilin laughs:“You are also the law?”
“Han Jiang,what happened?”
Qi Ya Na seems to have not known that Walter is the case.。
Han Jiang sucks the cold air in the mouth,Now I can’t directly get Walte.,The same thing, Qianna will feel weird.,Fighting Xilin also has no real。
“Do you have no self-introduction in the Babylon laboratory??”Han Rong said:“Reverse entropy,At the same time or the first law。”
“never mind,I will tell you like this.,The law is both sides,One side is human,One side is the law,If you have a human will overcome the will of the collapse,Then the power of the law can be used to deal with the enemy.。”

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