When the summer and Liu Qingqing take a taxi to the Jingan private club,Did not see the shape of Xia Xue,But but I saw a male and a female two young people.。

It has been seen before that day.,Also in a pair of children。
Ming Hongxuan and Mingyu。
“Xiao Tian Ge!”
See summer,There is no strange feeling at all.,Journey,“Xiao Tian Ge Xiao Tian Ge,do you still remember me?”
“Why don’t you remember,You are you。”
Say,Looking up and watching Ming Hongxuan,“He is Hongxuan。”
Ming Hongxuan’s http://www.yiqiaohaishen.cn cool cheek squeezed out a smile,Zhang Zhangzhu,It seems that it is a little difficult,“Brother。”
I took a shot of his shoulder in summer.,“Where is the soldier??Still returning?”
“Have been retired……I’m here……”
Not finished,His face suddenly changed。
Summer squatting。
On the right side of them,A black luxury car opened horsepower,Caused a black lightning to collide with them。
NS1123chapter Ancient morning
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NS1123chapter Ancient morning
Black luxury car speed is very fast。
Engine roar with dull depression。
Liu Qingqing and Mingyu send excitement。
Ming Hongxuan also changed color,The next consciousness is dodge。
Only summer,Not only there is no flash,But in the previous step,Quietly,like a statue。
But in his dark scorpion,Take the http://www.99lebao.cn two cold light。
Just a luxury car is one meter from the summer,Suddenly a very harsh brake sound。
Due to too urgent,Tires not only leave dark imprints on the ground,More flaws。
Door opening,First, take the next place where the next faceless man is。
Men’s body is robust,Noodles,A pair is like a hawk,Hair is like steel needle。
Give people an extremely dangerous feeling。
After getting off,He turned to the door。
But in a moment,Hurry in a hurry,Is a contemptuous,With a silk murder。
The rear door is opened。
In the field of view,A young man。
Middle-aged is about 39 years old.,Tough body shape,Have a very very handsome face,A touch of smile,He just appeared there,No words,Give people a generous temperament。
Some people are like this,Even standing in the endless people,It will also pay attention to him in the first time.。

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