Zheng Yao first visited Chen Mai first alone,He originally http://www.edinscot.cn heroic tiger,What’s more, there is also a small nine freelance。

Zheng Yao first chatted with Chen Mun Group,I hope to continue to stay in Seventy-six to give myself intelligence.,Chen Mumexin is full of promises。
Leave Zheng Yao first and Chen Moqun after leaving ten minutes,San Yousyu has people appear,After searching, he came to 76th.。
“Three tails!”Liang Zhongchun and Wang Tianmu are still coming out in Seventy-six.。
Three ends and Yutong Shen face:“Chen Mumei?”
“here I am!”Chen Mai agreed to go quickly to the three tail,
“Give him me!”Three ends,
City original,The big and the day, I really put Chen Mo’s group.。
“Three tails,What’s wrong with me?”Chen Moqun has already felt that he can be found with Zheng Yao first.。
“Waiting, you will know what happened.!take away!”Three ends of Youfeng Command,
“Three tails,So what happened?”Wang Tianwu asked,
“Director of Wang,Soon, you will know what happened.!”
Three ends You Feng coldly,Wang Tianmu and Liang Zhongchun are scared to the neck, waiting for can’t see the car.。
Chen Miman is brought back to the Command of the Communique,The photos taken afterwards were also washed out.,When Chen Miman saw the photo of himself and Zheng Yao first talking。
Three tails Fengfeng personally interrogated:“Chen Miman!Tell me soon,Zheng Yao is now?”
Zheng Yao can’t tell Chen Mun Group where he lives.,Chen Mun, crying, saying:“Three tails,I really don’t know where he is.,Today is that he takes the initiative to see me.!”
“He took the initiative to?”
“Yes,He wants me to help him provide the Emperor and Seventy-six,I pretend to agree,This intended to report to this http://www.donghai8.cn well。”
“Chen Miman,Do you think I will believe what you said?!You know how important Zheng Yao is first.!I am looking for him for a few months.!”
“I am because I know him is very important.,So I will promise to meet him.,I have to know what he wants to do.。”
“Since you don’t tell your truth,Then let you taste the order of the command!”I don’t really need to ask Chen Mai in actually.,Ask him a few words to see someone,
“Three tails!I am telling the truth.!”Chen Mun is too familiar with these torture,Because he has often used it for others.,Now use it on yourself now,He scared the diaper。
Rui Wei, no matter what he said, let’s order the sentence,It is a heavy punishment on the group of Chen.,The purpose is to let him die.,Also do not allow him to talk again,In less than two hours, Chen Mo Group was killed.。
Is it http://www.025blog.cn so cruel?,Not his cruel,Instead, Chen Mo Group must be killed by torture.,Otherwise, he can’t say。
“General!Today。”Saito Cong Liro reports,
“Go to a doctor to check him。”Rui Rui gives Song Jian a eye,The work on the surface is still doing。
Come to the office,Today, Yang Youzi and Liu Shengmei are already waiting.。
“How come this well?”Three ends,
“Three tails,I heard that you grasp Chen Mo Group.?”Chen Mun Group is a person who is in this well.,After I heard, I immediately rushed over.,
“Today,Take a look, what is this!”Three Yousou Feng gave a few photos to this well,
I have seen the photo of this well.:“Who is talking to Chen Mo Group??”
“Today!You don’t even know this person.?”
“Who is this person??”
“His is Zheng Yao first!”

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